Ear Wax Removal

While some ear wax is essential for the health of your ears and perfectly normal, a build-up of wax can cause problems, such as reduced hearing.  Wax may also need to be removed in order to see the ear drum clearly, to take ear impressions safely, or if you wear hearing aids and excess wax regularly causes a blockage of the tubing.

Fully qualified (ClearWax) in manual and micro-suction wax-removal, price includes otoscopy (visual check of the health of your ear and ear drum), before-and-after digital photograph of the ear(s) and an optional free hearing check.

Otoscopy (visual ear check) – £15 (includes optional digital photograph)

Wax-Removal One Ear – £50 (includes otoscopy and optional digital photograph)

Wax-Removal Two Ears – £85 (includes otoscopy and optional digital photograph)

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Hearing Tests

  • Hearing Test/Audiogram (inc. otoscopy) – £75
    • 30 minutes
    • Audiogram only – does not involve any assessment for hearing aids


O.D.O Audiology Services coming soon to Priority Medical, Poole!

  • Complete Hearing Assessment
  • Digital Hearing Aid Prescription
  • Wireless Accessories and Assistive Listening Devices
  • Tinnitus Assessment and Management
  • Otoscopic Photography
  • Ear Impressions
  • Custom Specialist Ear Moulds (noise protection, musician’s ear plugs, swim plugs, etc.)
  • Auditory Training Therapy

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